On the 3rd April 1975, I was detained in the street by DINA, the Chilean Secret Police, at around 19:00, this in Santiago. At some point during the night, it could have been late on the 3rd or early on the 4th I heard the agents outside my door, where was a garden, simulating to shoot some teenagers.

After some time, they brought Cedomil Lausic, who was 27 years of age. They proceeded to hang him from his arm and began beating him with metal chains and fist blows.

I still remember the sound of the metal chains when hitting his body and Cedomil screaming, at the beginning, until he could not shout any more. Only moans, very little sound came from him.

My recollection is he spent some 48 hours alone in a small cubicle near where I was. He was unconscious, making small noises.

During the night the state agents put him probably in a wheel barrow and took him where they had their vehicles.

They drove on top of him and disposed his body in a street, to simulate an accident.

This event took place on the 3/4 April 1975 in Villa Grimaldi, a secret torture centre.

Cedomil Lausic was 27 , he was an agricultural technician

Sara De Witt

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