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Political Photomontage: Peter Kennard and Loraine Leeson in discussion

September 19 @ 18:30

Join us to hear Peter Kennard and Loraine Leeson discuss their use of political photomontage. Peter Kennard is renowned for creating uncompromising and hard-hitting political photomontage. He will discuss his exhibition, A Document on Chile’ with text by Ric Sissons, which was made for the Half Moon Photography Workshop in 1978. It recounted the history of Chile from before Allende’s Popular Unity government through to the barbarism of Pinochet’s rule. This laminated show travelled around the UK, to community centres, colleges and youth clubs. The exhibition is being re-staged at Four Corners Gallery as part of Chile 50: Political Art, Solidarity and Resistance. Kennard’s book, Visual Dissent, chronicles his work over the last five decades, and discusses how dissenting art can be an integral arm of socio-political struggle and protest. Loraine Leeson is a visual artist particularly known for her community-based cultural activism in which photomontage has played as major role. She will talk about the transition from her image/text and film/video work in the 1970s to montaged posters produced with health workers’ unions, then the 1980s photo-murals of the Docklands Community Poster Project. Following this, how the creation of collective narrative produced through fragmented imagery served to bring voices of the least heard into the public domain, an approach that continues through her arts-based research at Middlesex University. Loraine is a long-term resident of East London with much of her work rooted in the communities of Tower Hamlets.